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10 Romantic Ideas to Boost Your Mojo in a Week

by on May 24, 2013

10 steps to boost your mojo in whooping 7 days!

What is Mojo? Mojo is your special spark that keeps you motivated, helps you find the magic and fanatical obsession to achieve the object of your desire. Boost your mojo to gain an undeterred focus and bulldog persistence. But with daily hassle and distractions, you need to reclaim your energy and understand the simple principles needed to boost your mojo. These 10 simple romantic ideas will help create a balance that can boost your romance quotient and help you overcome the apathy that comes from loss of energy.



Constipation or a sluggish digestion will always take away the mojo making you feel less than wonderful. Keep toxins and waste moving out of your body by exercising 30 minutes together. Exercise elevates your mood, increasing enkephalins and endorphins. Exercise increases your immunity, stabilizes blood sugar levels and aids in weight management.

‘Runner’s high’ – the state of euphoria reached by those who perform long-duration, rhythmic-type exercise, such as marathon running. Experience similar feelings of euphoria from exercises such as pilates and yoga. In yoga, the stretching helps relieve muscle tension, increase energy levels and improve circulation. And that is what exactly we are aiming in the process of boosting your mojo.

Dance, play chasing games with the kids, skip, get on the trampoline, have a long walk. Trampoline can be romantic too.

Boost Your Mojo Source: Via Lovendar on Pinterest