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12 Things Modern Women Must Do to Get the Love They Want

by on Mar 21, 2014



Lauren believes that in order to make a married man feel like a hero, women need to understand “Jerry Maguire theory of love” which is a part of Legendary Love program: “All men have a special mission to share with the world. And if he doesn’t fulfill it, his life is not worth living.” said Lauren.

One of the biggest problems that married women have is they don’t often know what their man’s mission is.

James Camero, Lauren’s client, who wrote and directed a 3D movie AVATAR told her that his life’s mission was to be an explorer. One would think James is on a mission to win an Oscar, but he actually builds submarines to explore the deepest parts of the ocean. The secret of his successful marriage was that his wife would never stop him from exploring.

Lauren recalls from coaching her A-list celebrity clients: “Every man’s mission is typically all about himself. Tommy Lee has a mission to be Tommy. Even Pamela Anderson couldn’t strop Tommy from being Tommy. Same thing happened with Sandra Bullock: Jessie James is a bad boy and his mission was to be a bad boy.”

No matter what relationship stage you are in, it is very important to ask your man this important question: “What is it that you think if you don’t accomplish it, or fulfill it, you will feel like your life have not been fully-lived?”

“You’ve got to find a man whose life’s mission supports your relationship goals” Lauren added.

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