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23 Things To Do When You Are Sad

by on Nov 19, 2013

23 Things To Do When You Are Sad

Even the most blissful relationships have sad days. It is part of life. But don’t let it distract you from having a great day. Follow these 23 things to do to when you are sad: 23 Things To Do When You Are Sad

  1. Don't listen to Bob Dylan.
  2. Wear a big sweater.
  3. Drink tea.
  4. Clean your room.
  5. Go on a walk.
  6. Make paper cranes.
  7. Find recipes (to use when you are happy) save them on Lovendar.
  8. Watch anime.
  9. Read the newspaper.
  10. Hang fairy lights around your house.
  11. Bake an apple pie with a friend.
  12. Organize old Pokemon cards.
  13. Think about how beautiful outer space is.
  14. Paint your sadness.
  15. Go to a cafe.
  16. Sleep on a pile of blankets.
  17. Ask someone to hold you.
  18. Cry.
  19. Be Okey at some point.
  20. Visit the library.
  21. Pick flowers.
  22. Sit with someone.
  23. Remember that there are always cupcakes.

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