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Top 5: Techniques to Become an Effective Communicator

by on Jun 07, 2013

Don't fix it, Just listen.

"Don't try to fix it. I just need you to listen." Every man has heard these words. And they are the law of the land. So how can you convince your partner to start seeing things your way? Watch this quick video which best depict this scenario:

The ability to communicate well, handle stress, anger and anxiety are the essential skills anyone should master for maintaining a healthy relationship. The number one fear is speaking up. Dr. Glass, a world's top exert on body language and communication says: "Everyone can become a great communicator. One must confront its fears and learn to feel good about himself. Your entire relationship depends on your ability to communicate your needs and feelings. You can use an app for that, or follow top five techniques to become an effective communicator:



Do not hesitate to let your partner know how you support the family, and that you are a team player. Without a healthy self-esteem, you cannot praise or confront your partner. It takes a person who has security to openly recognize your partner who is doing well and putting in the effort. It endears you and shows your comradery. Occasionally your partner needs recognition.

Many couples have issues over finances or large purchases. With a healthy self-esteem you can approach the subject with confidence. Dr Glass says "You need to know the status of your family's finances. If there is a problem with finances you need to know that." On the other hand, if you see your partner making irresponsible purchases, you need to intervene: "Write down the merit of why you are asking for something or why you believe your partner's behavior is irresponsible." Dr. Glass added.



Share what moves and inspires you in a sincere and honest way. The excitements in your life can often motivate your partner and spark their excitement. A friend of mine struggled with weight loss, lacking the energy and confidence to concur daily responsibilities, but after seeing his wife joining the gym, getting regular exercise and coming home feeling ecstatic and happy, he joined the club and never missed a day since.



One college professor who was a great communicator likes to say: "The pat on the back in just two vertebrates away from the kick in the pants." People deserve to be treated with respect and kindness because its the best motivator. You need to be comfortable with yourself and have self-respect, you'll treat each other with the respect and dignity they deserve.



When you are talking to your partner: be enthusiastic. Positive energy is infection and motivating. As Anthony Robbins likes to say: "Motion is emotion". Move your face and arm when you speak, show your enthusiasm through your body for a day. The happiness directly depends on the way you move you body.

If you are less of a risk taker, Dr. Glass suggested that in order to motivate your partner, never use the phrase "This was horrible" or "You did a terrible job". Instead, sit them down and give them alternatives: "Let them know that you know they are capable of more. Make your partner look good."



World's most renowned effective communicators have one thing in common: they respect what the other person has to say and they use the voice that gives them credibility and respect from the person they are communicating with. What does voice have to do with respect? Voice can affect how people listen. Research shows that the sound of your voice determines whether the person you are speaking with respects or disrespects you.

If your voice is boring that dies off at the end, the listener will judge you as the person that they hear instead of a person that you are: high pitch baby voice, or nasal tone, or gravely voice, or a lisp or a stuttering problem. You can overcome these speech problems by following steps outlined in Dr. Glass book "Talk to Win; Six Steps to a Successful Vocal Image"

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