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Catalog of Real Romance Stories From Real Couples

by on Jan 15, 2013

Real Romance Stories.

Different types of couples have different types of romance stories. But no matter what, every couple’s got ‘em! Enjoy this trio of real romance stories from real women to see what we mean! Read each other the short-fiction erotic stories as well by following the link at the bottom.


The first of our real romance stories is from Jeannie H., a 39 year old office manager. Jeannie and her husband are living proof that love really is blind and the tiniest, humorous details can easily become the sentimental icons of some couple’s romance stories.



“My romance stories all started with an anonymous post about squirrels, on a website dedicated to a defunct rock club. I had no idea who posted the little story about them, but I knew I had to have this person in my life, even if as just a friend. Through another person I had never met in face to face, I found out who posted this lovely tale of wily squirrels, and I befriended him on Myspace (the only "cool" social network at that time).”

Jeannie’s romance story already addresses two scenarios which most people typically believe are myths. Without a clue of who he was, his words attracted her heart, and like a needle in a haystack, she was led to the mysterious, faceless man who had penetrated heart. This already sounds like the types of romance stories we see on TV.

“Our banter led to a meeting, which then led to a date of sorts, and eventually to several years of cherished romance stories held close to both our hearts. I know many people don't believe in "love at first sight", but this man was just what I had been looking for my whole life. The type of man I’d read about in fictional romance stories. He was eccentric, adventurous, intelligent, creative, funny. I fell in love instantly. Well, it took him a little longer to admit it, but he finally did, and thus began a crazy, wild, intense, nutty, sad, trying, exhausting, loving, passionate, romance story.”

The plot thickens! Just like a scene out of “Sleepless In Seattle,” Jeannie’s romance stories seem to fall right out of well written script! Almost like the daytime TV soap opera romance stories, but not at all cheesy. Not only did she meet her squirrel loving mystery man, he was everything she hoped he would be.

“Three years later, after nearly losing my soul mate, we celebrated our relationship by committing ourselves to each other in a wonderful ceremony, and looking forward to creating a lifetime of romance stories together. It was a wonderful wedding and reflected each of our personalities perfectly. As we cut into our wedding cake, it seems as everything had come full circle. Perched on top of our non-traditional cake, were our wedding toppers; 2 squirrels standing side by side.”

If that wasn’t already one of the cutest romance stories we’ve ever heard, the squirrels definitely take the cake! Best of luck to you, your man and your furry-tailed counter parts Jeannie. Thank you for sharing your true romance stories with us!


29 year old commercial administrative assistant, Jolina Govea’s romance stories ended far too soon when she unexpectedly lost the love of her life. Jolina’s strength is an inspiration as she shares with us how her and her fiance, Hector, packed a lifetime of romance stories into the short time they had to spend together.




“My romance stories began in the fall of 2007. It was an ordinary night and I was on my way to a friends house who I had known for over 20 years. We were going for a ride on his motorcycle. We met outside of his house to discuss our plans and out of the corner of my eye I spotted Hector, his brother, flying out the front door, down the stairs and dashing across the street as if he were the speed of light. He ran up to me and gave me this huge hug and swung me around like a little girl. That moment was the beginning of many romance stories that he and I would share.”

“Hector and I were captivated by each other and completely forgot his brother was even there. Our very first romance story was unfolding before our eyes and from then on we were inseparable. We became versions of each other and dressed alike without realizing it. Like characters in novel romance stories, we knew what each other were thinking and could finish each other's sentences. Everyone called us Twinkies and we loved it. Hector was very funny and outgoing and had the biggest heart which he wore on his sleeve. If someone asked him for $5.00 and that was the only $5.00 he had, he would give it up in a heartbeat. Like my mother said "he may be young but he is an old soul at heart." We would sometimes try to outdo each other in love, but he usually won.”

“One of my favorite romance stories with Hector happened on New Years Eve of 2010 when he planned to propose. But of course, it didn’t go as planned and a whole new romance story unfolded. He was just too excited to let his plan fall into place and instead proposed inside his car. I laughed as he told me "I just couldn’t wait…I want you to wear this ring and be mine". Of course, I said "yes" and when I did, he told me a romance story about the two of us that I had never known.

“Remember when we were little?” he said, (Hector was 5 yrs younger than me) “I saw you playing with my brother and I was on my power wheel bike. I told myself ‘When I get older I am going to marry her" I laughed hysterically and told him well your wish came true. That was the best New Year’s Eve we ever spent together and one true romance story I will always remember.”

Romance stories that begin on New Year’s Eve are always amazing. Especially Yule Tide engagements. Marriage proposal details are the very core of the most cherished romance stories that shape a couple’s life and memories together. But get your tissues handy because this is about to become one of those romance stories that doesn’t leave a dry eye in the house.

“Sadly, in 2010 Hector passed away in a fatal motorcycle accident. We never did get our dream wedding or the chance to start a new life together. There would be no new romance stories for us. What I learned from Hector and our life together was "Live each day as it is your last, cherish it and always remember the love you have for that person will always hold a special place in your heart forever"

It’s sad to hear romance stories about lovers separated by life’s cruel twists of fate. But Jolina’s romance story proves that love lives on long after we leave this earth. Hector lives on in her heart as she carries cherished memories and romance stories of love that they shared. They may have only shared three years, but they loved a lifetime. By proposing on New Year’s Eve, Hector left his love with an annual “Happy New Year” with him in heart and mind, forever.

Thank you Jolina for sharing your romance stories of love, loss and cherished memories.


Roseanne Eisenberg is a 34 year old office and dispatch manager who’s ever evolving romance stories began nearly 20 years ago before a live audience. This short series of real-life romance stories outlines the Eisenberg family, and in particular husband Scott, who seems to be real Fabio in disguise. Let’s just say he could provide Harlequin with enough material to write an entire series of romance stories.




“Scott and I met briefly through a mutual friend. One night a couple weeks later, he gave me a ride home and we talked the entire time. It felt as if we had known each other forever because of how comfortable we were talking to each other. That night I told a friend “This guy and I are going to end up married. Just watch and see."

A lot of romance stories start out this way. The beginning stages of most relationships are full of lovey-dovey behavior and thoughts of a future together based on infatuation. Are Roseanne’s romance stories the exception to the rule? Were her predictions about Scott correct? Let’s find out!

“A week later, our romance story really fired up! I stayed over at a friends house the night before Sweetest Day. In the morning I got a call telling me to get home. When I arrived, I open the door to find a beautiful bouquet of 12 red roses and 1 single white rose in the middle. Attached was a note that read “My love for you are is as pure and innocent as the white rose.”

Scott could make a fortune writing romance stories for a living. This guy is a natural-born, genuine Prince Charming! Believe it not, he gets better.

“On Valentines day he took me to dinner at a mighty fancy restaurant. I looked around the room at everyone and realized what I had actually been feeling for him was love. Since I had never truly experienced it I didn't know what it was. I couldn’t explain it. It wasn’t even anything like the romance stories you read in books and magazines. I had NEVER cared that much.”

“I told him how I felt over dinner and he smiled and said " I was wondering when you were going to get around to acknowledging your feelings" and thus I was on my way to being part of one of the most exciting romance stories of my life.”

“I spent the following Thanksgiving with Scott’s family who unknowingly were about to take part in one of the most historical romance stories in the Eisenberg family history. Just before dinner he stood in front of me and dropped to his knee saying " Rosanne, I would be honored if you would say yes ..." and then he pulled out the ring. The ring was beautiful. We had never discussed marriage nor my taste in rings but he picked out the PERFECT shape & design.”

Talk About Extreme Romance Stories! Hold on to your hearts ladies, and guys, take notes! If proposing in front of her family at the Thanksgiving dinner table wasn’t big enough, wait til you see what Scott has up his sleeve next. This guy’s about to blow all domestic romance stories of history away.

“The next year on February 4th this about-to-be-completely-out-of-control romance story started really getting insanely fantastic! I receive a call at work from a strange woman asking “this is Rosanne Wood? The same Rosanne Wood engaged to Scott Eisenberg?” She explains she is from a local radio station that’s covering romance stories of local couples by having a contest giving away a free Valentine’s Day wedding to 96 people. Scott won the contest by stating “I just can’t wake up another morning without her next to me." By the end of the conversation my heart is jumping thinking..OMG! It's really happening! I’m going to start the romance story of a lifetime in front of all of Chicago! And only 10 days to prepare for my wedding!”

“The night before the wedding we had dinner together and went our separate ways until morning when we would become husband and wife and start writing a whole new volume of our blissfully developing romance story. I couldn't have asked for a better day..the minute he said I do, I couldn't wait a minute more to throw my arms around him and kiss him. The band ALL 4 One played " I Swear" at our wedding and to this day I can't hear it without getting chills up my spine. This Valentine’s Day we are celebrating our 17th yr anniversary. Every year we have heartwarming romance stories to tell our children about how our family came to be.”

Our son asked us one day, " Mommy and Daddy, have you ever won anything?" We turned to each other and said " Yes...each other."

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