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Couple's Guide on How To Romance

by on Jan 21, 2012

Guide On How To Romance


Everyone knows that part of building and maintaining the perfect loving relationship is knowing how to romance your partner. Though techniques may vary from couple to couple, by gender and by individual personality, the bottom line is: you have to know how to romance your lover if you want to keep a long and fulfilling love relationship. Many relationship experts offer great advice about how to romance your partner. We’ve compiled some of the best ideas from relationship experts to bring you this couples guide on how to romance one another.

How To Romance Women


Sometimes men think that once you’ve sealed the deal and made your vows, you don’t need to think about how to romance your mate. However, romance is not a chore and you must know how to romance your partner to maintain a happy, healthy relationship. Unfortunately, some men think that they simply don’t know how. To romance your woman, you must remember that the very aspects of your personality that brought her to you must be maintained to keep her with you. If you knew how to romance her in the beginning of your relationship, you’ll know how to romance her throughout your entire relationship, and enjoy doing it.




Figuring out how to romance your lady love doesn’t have to be a chore. If you truly love and care for your wife, finace or girfriend, the act of romancing her should be a pleasant experience for both of you. Let your heart be free to do the talking and you’re sure to know how to romance the woman in your life. After all, no one knows her better.

It may take a little extra time and effort on occasion, but keeping in mind that you are enhancing your relationship and making her happy will make it all worth while. Remember, knowing how to romance her benefits you just as much as it does her. When you know how to romance your partner, you can expect your efforts to be rewarded with love, intimacy and thoughtfulness that will bond you to your lover and strengthen your relationship.



You don’t have to plan fancy trips or lavish her with expensive gifts to romance a woman. In fact, the smallest gestures are often the most appreciated and rewarded acts of chivalry you can perform. If you know what little gestures she appreciates, you know how to romance her. Most men are surprised at how little it takes to romance their partners and that they actually do know how to romance her.

For example, write her a love-letter for no reason at all. She’ll love it! After she’s had a hard day, lead her to a hot-steamy bubble bath surrounded by candles and enveloped in soft music. One single flower clipped from your own backyard is even enough to show you care. Do not ever think that any gesture is too small or weak when contemplating how to romance your woman. The “little things” speak volumes and have the power to increase the marital bond.



Make the art of romancing your woman easy on yourself by performing one small gesture each day, instead of stressing out wondering how to romance her with expensive, elaborate events. One tiny gesture a day makes you her knight in shinning armor everyday. This is what makes the difference between, “My man is a romantic” and “My man did something romantic”. Don’t concern yourself with how to romance her extravagantly. Save the big stuff for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions and treat her to a tiny morsel of romance each day.

It’s easy, effortless and makes her happy. Before you know it, it will be second nature and you’ll know just how to romance your partner without even thinking about. The best part is, you will start to notice overall improvements in your relationship as you learn how to romance your girl.


You’ll be talking more, spending more time together, and most importantly laughing, having fun, enjoying each other’s companionship and enhancing intimacy in your relationship. A man who knows how to romance his Sweetie, essentially knows how to keep her happy and she’ll make him happy in return. Many gentlemen innocently assume that the amount of money spent on his lover measures the love and adoration felt for her, but this is not how to romance a woman you care for. If they are at a loss of how to romance their partners, they try to express their endearment with expensive gifts.

Throwing money at a woman is not how to romance her. Romance is not about exorbitant price tags, designer labels and fancy jewelry. It’s about thoughtfulness, kindness, consideration and love. The gift of romance can’t be placed in a box with a big red bow on top. A true romantic can swoon his lady with $10 as easily as with $10,000. Here’s a few examples of how to romance the lady held of your heart :



You might spend thousands of dollars on an all-inclusive vacation or Caribbean cruise, or even go no-holds-barred and whisk her away to Paris, Europe or an African safari, and she’ll love it. But that’s not necessarily romantic. If you know how to romance your lover, you can save a pretty penny and reap larger emotional rewards. A relaxing drive out to the country with you, a blanket and picnic basket of wine and cheese can yield more tender moments. Sometimes knowing how to romance your woman, means knowing when to keep it simple.




Everyman wants to be King of the castle and provide his Queen with her palace. But on the budget of an everyday guy, you’ll spend far more time working to maintain the kingdom which cuts into your time together. It’s difficult to figure out how to romance your Queen on a tight and weary schedule. No matter how extravagant your woman’s taste, she’d prefer a humble home with you in it, to a lonely empty castle.

What woman doesn’t want a 25 karat diamond pendant? The one that found sentimental value in a thrift store locket that reminded her of her Grandmother’s. Traditionally, expensive jewelry has been a staple icon representative item of how to romance women; making it an across the board safe choice for men. Take this concept to deeper levels by offering jewelry of sentimental rather than monetary value. If you know how to choose just the right trinkets, you know how to romance your lady.



The single most important thing to remember when you plan how to romance your lover is to always make her feel special, desirable, beautiful, attractive, and of course, appreciated.


How To Romance Men

Many gals don’t realize that women need to know how to romance their partners just as much as men do. The good news for the ladies at a loss of how to romance their men, is that it’s much easier to romance men than it is women. Which is probably why men have such a hard time with figuring out how to romance women; they know that we are good at it. Of course because women are generally the feminine and more sensitive gender, they have a keener sense of how to romance their men and enhance love and intimacy. But women also have a second advantage over men's sex appeal.

There’s no denying that men are naturally inclined to be sexually attracted to women; hence that is how to romance them. It’s their instinct and many a maniacal vixen has used that to her advantage. Why? Because those types of women have mastered how to romance a man by exuding sex appeal. Devoted female partners on the other hand, can use that power for good instead of evil and still use sex appeal to her advantage. Women who are comfortable with their bodies and sexuality generally know how to romance a man, particularly their own.



Well low and behold, a third advantage? Yes indeed ladies there is! The male ego. The best way to learn how to romance your man, is to know what uplifts his self-esteem. Even the most sensitive, grounded, well rounded men have at least of little bit of ego buried at the core. And Ladies, if you happen to be in a relationship with an ego-maniac, you should already know that this needs to be consistently catered to in the manner similar to that of dealing with a small beloved child crying out, “Mommy! Look at me!”

There’s little question in how to romance this type of man. Just give him the acknowledgement he deserves. Men need to be reminded that they are attractive and desirable, just as much as women do. The best idea of how to romance your male partner is to make him feel that he is brave, strong, handsome, sexy and intelligent and prove to him that you need him in your life.




Your man instinctively wants and needs to take care of you, even though he admires your independence. And that’s how to romance him; let him do it. If you truly love, admire and respect your man, catering to his sexual desires and feeding his self esteem will come naturally and benefit your relationship. When you have mastered the unique techniques that fulfill your man’s needs, you’ll know just how to romance your male lover.

Essentially ladies, you have the upper-hand in the romance department, use it wisely. Here’s what a few experts have to say about the best ways of how to romance your man:



A recent report by psychologist and marriage counselor, Ronald Goldstein, Ph.D., Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., author of “Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know” and Doug Fields, author of “Creative Romance” listed numerous ideas on how to romance men that validate all of the aforementioned theories. De Angelis states that most women who are seasoned at how to romance men frequently dress up in lingerie to appeal to his libido.

Goldstein reiderates stating, “Trust me, men find it very romantic when you step wholeheartedly into our debauched little fantasy worlds. Use it to your advantage?” Fields remarked, "Men define romance using these words: mystery, intrigue, sensuality, lingerie, passion and sex," adding to that "I'm looking forward to making love" -- will get his heart racing. Body language is definitely how to romance a man”

Relationship Experts at Glamour Magazine comprised a list of their top five ways of how to romance male partners that included similar findings. Coinciding with other facts published by Fields, DeAngelis and Goldstien, Glamour experts found that most men who were surveyed agreed that appealing to his ego and sex drive were, in a man’s heart, romantic gestures that drew them closer to their mates.




The men agreed that they stayed committed to their partners becaue their women knew how to romance them. The top five suggestions of how to romance a man included taking him on a weekend road-trip or hotel getaway to introduce subtle role playing, making him feel like a stud in the bedroom and and arousing him from his sleep for an unexpected love-making session.



Some of the less sexual, but effective methods of how to romance your man, according to relationship experts, are indulging in his like without being intrusive and supporting his independent leisure time. For instance, a lady who knows how to romance her man won’t crash his poker game with his buddies, but she’ll send over a box of cigars or a case of beer and text him a simple, “Hope you’re winning Babe.”




Licensed psychotherapist and author of “The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again”, Tina B. Tessina, PhD. offers similar advice on how to romance your partner. In her book, Tessina offers a great deal of advice to women on how to romance their men. Some of the most prominent entries include looking deeply into his eyes, paying close attention to and showing interest in whatever he is doing or saying, and frequently touching him in natural, non-sexual and casual ways; like holding his hand or fixing his collar.

Tessinna also advised that knowing how to romance your male partner is crucial to the success of your relationship. In a marriage, knowing how to romance your husband is important to keep the passion and attraction alive. Knowing how to romance a platonic friend includes methods to let him know your interested in more than friendship.

What this all boils down to is this, if you take the time to recognize your partner’s needs, you’ll figure out just how to romance them with little effort.