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How to Find a Relationship Expert Thats Right for You?

by on Mar 24, 2014



There is a book Dr. Toni Coleman, a relationship expert, really loves: “I wrote a forward to Deborah Tannen’s first book, “You just don’t understand: “Women and Men in Conversation”. It’s a generic book to read, and you will have a great time reading it.

Deborah Tannen Ph.D. is a university professor of linguistics at Georgetown University and a psychologist who has conducted an extensive research with long time studies on how males and females relate. The book is about the difference of the gender and language, how we communicate, why there is a struggle in how we communicate.

“The book is funny, it has great examples, and everyone can relate to it. I highly recommended it” a relationship expert Dr. Toni Coleman says.

“For men, a great book I would recommend is “Winning Points For The Women in Your Life. One Touch Down at a Time.” By Jaci Rae. The author uses football analogy to help communicate important points to men.” said relationship expert Dr. Colman.

Contact Dr. Colman, LCSW, CMC a licensed psychotherapist and a relationship expert, on her official website.

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Is your relationship expert right for you