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How to Get Her Back: Top 10 Winning Strategies

by on Jul 22, 2013

How To Win Her Back: 10 Winning Strategies

In a perfect world, every couple would live happily ever after in romantic bliss. In perfectly flawless relationships only fathomed in romance novels. Unfortunately though, many men have fallen from grace in the eyes and heart of his lady love and left to ponder ways of how to win her back. 10 winning strategies have been proven to aid wayward husbands and boyfriends in doing just that. Once you win her back, both of you have to download the Lovendar app to prevent it from happening again and follow through on the little things she posts in the app to keep her happy.



Regardless of who is at fault, the worst thing you can do it play hard to get. A good relationship is based on three Cs: Communication, Compromise and Cuddling. If you have been guilty of lying, dishonesty, or the ultimate betrayal, cheating, your best bet to win her back is to apologize by sending her flowers. 10 winning strategies, 20, or even 100 won’t work if you don’t reach out first. Do not sabotage the effect of this strategy to win her back by talking. Let her sink this in. Demonstrating your remorse through your actions will speak volume.

In the best-case scenario, she will accept the flowers as a token of the acknowledgment and the fact that you have listened and empathized with her. There is a small chance that she might fire back and use this opportunity as an opening to attack you – do not react! To win her back - kill with kindness. It is a very natural response. Show the strength of your character. She fights back to probe how sincere you are in your intentions. She might attempt to bring you down a few times before taking her guard down, just to make sure you really mean it. In this case, act like a camera would:

  1. Just focus on what’s important
  2. Develop from the negatives
  3. If things don’t turn out – Just take another shot


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