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How to Get Her Back: Top 10 Winning Strategies

by on Jul 22, 2013



Make sure not to get carried away using your 10 winning strategies on how to win her back. If you see that your efforts are making things progressively worse, there must be a valid reason behind it. Reevaluate the situation from a 10-mile view, before you smother her and send her packing. If she needs some space, feel free to provide it to her.

In the meantime, ask yourself a few important relationship questions:

  1. Are we meant to be?
  2. What is the underlying reason for a fight?
  3. Can there be another reason for a break up, other than you?
  4. What are the true motives for winning her back?
  5. Do you love her or you are in lust?
  6. Is this a pain and winning her back is just a revenge?
  7. Could you move on if she never came back?
  8. What are the top 3 lessons you can learn from this relationship?

The key to figuring out how to win her back, is all about knowing which of the 10 winning strategies form the perfect combination to earn your woman’s trust, respect and attraction back. Consider just what you have done to wrong her, and make amends accordingly and sincerely. The good news for guilty guys desperate to win her back, is that once you find the answers to where you went wrong, you can easily customize your own winning strategies of how to win her back. Download the Lovendar app, and ask your sweetheart to download it too. Then tell her that if she posts something she needs from you to be happy into the app- you will make it your priority. Keep your promise to follow through on the things she shares and you will never need to spend another minute on figuring out how to win her back. Guaranteed!

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