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How to Get Her Back: Top 10 Winning Strategies

by on Jul 22, 2013



If you’ve lost your love because of a lack of excitement or adventure - amp up the romance. Romance is about the only one of 10 winning strategies to win her back that works on every type of woman, in almost every situation. Understanding how to romance her the way she wants you to might be easier than it sounds, namely:

  1. Pay attention to her with the little things
  2. Bring or send romantic notes, tokens, cards, love letters
  3. Tirelessly shower her with bouquets of flowers, chocolate, or simply a single wild flower
  4. Kiss her hand, bring back the chivalry
  5. Compliment her when you are alone and in front of others
  6. Make her a candlelit dinner in or out
  7. Be helpful and show her your support and caring
  8. Wink at her. Smile at her.
  9. Show her some secret signals that only two of you know
  10. Say something to her that makes her blush in front of others

Reminisce about the good times. Do whatever it takes to get her to see you in a positive light.

How-To-Get-Her-Back Source: Lovendar via Pinterest