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How to Get Her Back: Top 10 Winning Strategies

by on Jul 22, 2013



You know exactly what she loves about you, so bring the fun back into your life. Suppress the bad memories by creating positive, emotionally intense experiences in bed. Having great sex is by far the best way to bring her back, given that you have followed the previous steps in the suggested order. Be the man in bed she fell in love with.

Benefits from having great sex add up to 6 years to your life and play an important role in how to bring her back. Create a great strategy to reclaim your rightful place in her heart.

Remember that she is feeling vulnerable. Although the poll on showed that 72 % of women withhold sex after they fight with their husbands - don't be discouraged: sex is still the quickest way to win her back, especially if chemistry is still there:

  1. Let her anger arouse you from the adrenaline rush
  2. Laughter is healing and erotic - say something funny at your own expense
  3. Undress her with your eyes, and say: “You are at your best in bed”
  4. Use your make-up ritual (if you have one), if not, establish one: shower together or exchange a back massage.
  5. Be the one to give a first hug
  6. Pull out all the stops: go down on her, practice virtuoso lovemaking, give her a 15 minute foreplay, caress her hair, make her feel like she is the only object of your desire.

How-To-Get-Her-Back Source: Lovendar via Pinterest