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8 Ways to be Romantic to Avoid Boredom

by on Nov 15, 2013

Do you find your relationship boring?

Did you find yourself in a relationship where every night boils down to flipping TV channels as the only source of entertainment? The quality time with your partner is the most important aspect of a happy marriage. A recent study shows that nearly fifty percent of couples are bored and nearly a quarter cheated on their loved ones because of boredom! Women are reported being bored more than men yet they are more sexually satisfied. The top free sources of boredom are: frequency of sex (43%), communication (39%) and happiness (34%). Do you know how to kill boredom?.




Many couples who put a lot of time into finding their significant other, rarely put any time or efforts into keeping them and the relationship. The initial excitement and ability to be romantic fades away since the priorities of a couple shift from how to be romantic for each other to work, chores, or their kids and the boredom begin to creep into the bedroom. The common ways to define boredom is having nothing to do or having to perform monotonous tasks. To avoid that, capture some ideas with the special app for that, so when you have free time, you know exactly what to do.



One of the top contributors to the boredom is moving in together, which happens after getting married, engaged or taking each other for a ‘test drive’. What do you think can go wrong? Criticizing for not being overly clean or being a slob, spending too much time paying video games or yelled for not lowering a toilet seat can kill the romance overtime.

Understand that the other partner needs the space and much as you do and master the art of how to be romantic in a new way. Sex and intimacy is the product of romance but it is not all about being romantic. You can show how to be romantic through good communication, taking care of your appearance and respect.



What can the kids do? They can be exhausting and reduce the availability of privacy. Over time your lack of limbo, the zap, the energy kills the desire to be romantic. Nothing can kill the romance more than having to kick the kid’s toys out of your bed.

A top tip on how to be romantic and effective parents is setting the limit with your kids and getting a babysitter. Install the lock on your bedroom door and ask them to knock. Have the time alone after the kids go to sleep and establish early bedtime routine. Getting kids used to sleeping in their own bed and their own room possible.



With age we learn more about how to be romantic than we can actually use. Most important is having a great sense of humor and finding things that bring joy into your life without having to be overly romantic. One such example is taking the television set out of the bedroom. Celebrating special days and events is a great way to be romantic. Use this app to help you record and share special anniversaries, making plans to try new date ideas, celebrating festivals, and developing family traditions.



Red color is incredibly sexy, isn't it? It’s the color that our eye sees as something exciting. Red is also associated with love, danger, and passion. It makes you feel very instinctive. So anyone can figure out how to be romantic: bedroom red roses, strawberries, red lingerie, red lipstick, red condoms, red apples. One more way of how to be romantic is simply sprinkle red M&Ms over your bed. Make sure you both eat them before they melt under the heat of your passion.



Ways of how to be romantic with low light are endless: using scented candles, floating candles, Christmas lights covered with a bed sheet of various colors, wrapping a scarf around a table lamp is romantic, street lights peeking in the bedroom are romantic, a burning fireplace alone in extremely romantic. One of the teasing ways to be romantic is with absolutely no light at all.



One of a few things a happy marriage cannot live without is dessert. It is an aphrodisiac and it the best way how to be romantic. Feeding your date a candy or two in going to start the juices floating. Keep in mind that the art of how to be romantic is in the presentation of the gift. Make sure you gift warp the chocolates even it is just one candy. The gift-wrapping anything, no matter how insignificant speaks volume. Adding a love note or a card will tip the happy scale in your favor.



Anything with curly ends or lacy is such an old school romance that continues to thrive in our modern day. Wearing things with a lace are the simplest and the quickest way to be romantic and sexy. Always wear lace when performing a romantic striptease.



How to be romantic? Be forgiving, it's a great skill to learn. If your date is late, and you remain calm, it is romantic. Being forgiving to your partner’s appearance is romantic. Saying how beautiful your partner looks when the contrary is true is romantic. Noticing the little details about your partner’s appearance is romantic.

The best way how to be romantic to avoid boredom is to download Lovendar app and have everything you need to dazzle your partner at your fingertips.

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