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How to Romance a Woman The Way She Wants You To

by on Nov 15, 2013



Learning about how to romance the way she wants you to clearly has some tangible benefits. Now you need to find out what she wants. You can ask, but do not leave anything to chances: print this page and ask her to circle the things that will help you understand better how to romance her, and then ask her to add to the list of what she wants in particular.

  1. Surprising me will get my attention
  2. Romantic notes, cards, love letters
  3. Flowers, a single rose or wild flowers
  4. Hugging, cuddling, kissing
  5. Compliment me when we’re alone or in front of others
  6. Make me a candlelit dinner in or out
  7. Just show your support and caring
  8. Wink at me
  9. Show me some secret signals that only two of us know
  10. Say something to me that makes me blush in front of others

Source: via Lovendar on Pinterest how to romance her