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Relationship Advice: Top 8 Questions Anyone Should Ask Before Committing

by on Nov 15, 2013



Listen To Your Body To Know If A Person Is The Right One For You.

Relationship advice from Michelle offers three variables to consider when deciding if a person is worth your investment in a committed relationship:

1) What your body tells you 2) If the person is sincere 3) The quality of communication within the relationship.

Casto offers 8 questions to ask your body in order to know whether your partner is right for you. Some relationship questions are, “What do your eyes see? Does it look like a real love?” Casto believes that our heart, ears, intuition, and various other parts of our body are able to make the right love choices for us if we take the time to concentrate and meditate on our feelings. As Michelle puts it: "The key is to unlearn negative ways of loving."