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How to Please a Woman You Love

by on Jun 19, 2014



Don’t Be Deterred By Her Emotional Walls. For women who had painful childhoods and negative experiences with men, may have built emotional walls. However, a woman’s emotional walls can and do crumble with time and love.

Stephan suggests something profoundly beautiful that he believes is true about women: “Women naturally give of themselves. As a man, if you pour into a woman what you need, she will naturally give. This isn’t necessarily true with men.” According to Stephan, unlike most men, women are innately nurturing, caring and attentive. A man who isn’t discouraged by a woman’s emotional walls, but is challenged by them, can bring down those walls, and experience deep, loving, tender emotional intimacy with a woman who, in return for his love, will pour her own heart into the union.

Stephan Labossiere