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Relationship Issues: Key Steps to Identifying and Resolving

by on May 02, 2012

Focusing on Main Relationship Issues


There comes a time in every romantic union, be it a marriage, engagement or otherwise committed romance, when certain types of relationship issues arise. No matter how deeply in love you and your partner are or how strong your bonds may be, every loving couple is subject to experiencing a few hiccups along the romantic roads of life and love. Some relationship issues are minor impositions or shortcomings that can be easily dealt without either of you breaking a sweat or losing a moments sleep. Unfortunately, some relationship issues are of a larger magnitude and can pose a serious threat to your relationship. Issues such as personality conflicts, money problems and suspicion can be detrimental to your partnership if not dealt with in a timely an appropriate manner.

The proportions, details and solutions to most relationship issues vary according each individual couple, and there’s no real “blanket” relationship advice to cover every type of situation. Every couple has to find their own specific ways of combating the types of relationship issues they are dealing with. The good news is, that no matter what type of relationship issues you and your partner are facing, addressing them with them honesty, open-mindedness and with your best interests as a unit in mind can help diffuse them and ultimately save your relationship.


Stressing the fact once again, that every couple’s relationship issues are unique in matter and magnitude, certain categories of relationship issues are most commonly experienced. A few of the top talked about relationship issues that many loving couples have concerns about are jealousy, money, and especially infidelity.




Jealousy comes in many different forms and is known to cause numerous types of relationship issues in all different types of couples. Envy sometimes rears it’s ugly head when one partner achieves greater success than the other. Some mates become extremely intolerant of any attention you receive from members of the opposite sex. Your partner may even become invidious of you if you are fit and trim but they have put on a few pounds. When such feelings of insecurity and inferiority are present and relationship issues begin to surface, you could be in for some trouble if you don’t identify the problems and deal with them promptly. Jealousy over anything, on any level can cause relationship issues that do permanent damage.




Money can’t buy you love, but there aren’t too many couples who can say that money -- or lack thereof it -- hasn’t at some point brought them a certain degree of relationship issues. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor or middle class. Most of the time, committed partnerships have some type of mutual financial arrangement in which each partner contributes to the financial support of the union.

Other times, one partner is wealthy while the other has little or no income. In either scenario, though completely different, relationship issues over financial concerns are prone to arise. Sometimes one hard-working partner develops feelings of contempt the other who lives in luxury. When both partners are working one may feel the other doesn’t work hard enough or contribute equally to the household finances.

Sometimes, money related relationship issues even occur when you spend money on your relationship. Many husbands have gasped at his wife’s redecorating bill. And many woman have shunned her man for investing too much money on a pick-up truck, pool table or tool box. Unless you can somehow manage to dodge the bullet of merging your finances with your Sweetie’s, you’re bound to stumble over a few arguments about earnings, money or spending habits. Address them promptly and come to an agreement with your mate before a couple of dollars buys you a fortune in relationship issues.



This is undoubtedly every couple’s worst nightmare and is not something that any of us ever want to face. Infidelity is commonly mistaken for one of life’s biggest relationship issues when in fact, it is not a relationship issue at all. Infidelity is in actuality the result of other relationship issues that have gone unnoticed or unattended to. This might mean that relationship issues such as loss of attraction, feelings of neglect or inferiority or loss of interest have occurred that have caused a partner to stray to fulfill those needs. Other times, a person strays out of anger and spite because of completely unrelated relationship issues.

There are even unfortunate instances of jealousy and unwarranted suspicion of infidelity causing serious relationship issues between couples who have remained loyal to one another. When infidelity does occur, the very act will in most cases stir up a an entire new wave of additional relationship issues for a couple to overcome. Infidelity, or even the mere suspicion of it, can break the bonds of trust and do sometimes irreparable damage to the faith in your partnership. Infidelity is certainly at the top of every couple’s top ten relationship issues to avoid.