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Relationship Issues: Key Steps to Identifying and Resolving

by on May 02, 2012



It’s unreasonable to think that any relationship, no matter how solid, can stand the tests of time without coming upon some sort of relationship issues from time to time. We are only human. We make mistakes. We live, we learn, we love and we have relationship issues. The key point in maintaining a harmonious, romantic and flourishing companionship is nipping those little snags in the road right in the bud before they turn into relationship issues. Here are a few ideal techniques to keeping your romance on the right road and running like a smoothly oiled machine. It’s all about identifying potential relationship issues and fixing them before they get worse.



Keep an eye on your relationship. Issues in your love-life are sure to surface more when you’re not paying attention. All too often committed lovers fall into bad patterns of taking each other, and their relationship for granted. One partner becomes comfortable and complacent, unintentionally and unknowingly neglected his or her needs. That’s when other relationship issues begin to surface such as resentment, contempt, or heaven forbid, infidelity.

In such unfortunate situations, many relationship issues could have been avoided if only they were recognized early on. Look at your relationship from an outward prospective, daily. Pay attention to what you lover is feeling, thinking, doing all the time. Reflect daily on what you can do, or what you haven’t been doing, to make your bonds with your lover stronger. A little preventative maintenance can save you a world of relationship issues. Heads up!



The eyes of love do not often see so clearly when it comes to identifying relationship issues. You have to sometimes take a step back and try to objectively evaluate the situation by, hard as it may be, thinking with your head before your heart. Think about what you observed and decide whether your findings are relationship issues or not.

For instance, are you concerned that she is spending too much time away from home? Well if she’s volunteering at a homeless shelter or taking a class at community college, you don’t have any relationship issues and assuming so may cause them. However, if she’s mysteriously MIA at odd hours of the day and night, you may have relationship issues that need to be addressed.

Another example, you’re concerned about his spending habits. If you’re finances are all accounted for -- even if exorbitant -- your relationship issues may just stem from petty indulgences. But if you’re finding hidden credit card receipts and mysterious bank withdrawls, your relationships issues exhibit traces of dishonesty which, of course, a huge red flag. Take your observations into consideration to identify the presence of relationship issues and gauge their magnitude so you can resolve them appropriately. See things for what they really are.




We all know that communication is one of the most important elements in succeeding in preventing and resolving relationship issues. But what we need to remember is that an open line of communication is one of the most effective tools in identifying potential relationship issues in their beginning stages, or even before they start.

If you are not sure if something that you have observed is a potential threat to your companionship, it’s okay to ask your lover if your concerns can be considered relationship issues. However, take note that addressing relationship issues, or even the threat of relationship issues seeping into your happy commitment takes a very delicate approach. You have to very careful not to express your concerns in any type of even slightly accusatory tone.

If your suspicions are unwarranted, speaking your mind in this manner can certainly lead to bigger problems. Feelings of resentment and distrust are two relationships issues that you certainly want to avoid. Choose your words wisely and ask. Don’t accuse.