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The Most Important One Hour of Your Life: And Of Those You Love

by on Jul 31, 2012

Can one diet fix your relationship?

Everyone's romantic life is affected by things like health, weight issues, depression, alcohol, insomnia. But with a busy pace of life you learn to ignore them, putting your own life and your relationship in jeopardy. Follow these three easy steps before ever stepping foot inside a restaurant or market.


Watch Dr. Greger's Video With Your Significant Other

When two members of a couples are in a committed, loving relationship and one member's ability to relate, participate, enjoy and provide in life is altered, it can't improve but damage the relationship. The level of your inability can range from enjoying the activities you both used to do together to inability to communicate in ways both of you expect.

Any type of illness, no matter how insignificant, alters the level of interest in sex or life, often followed by depression. None of this is clearly a successfully formular for a happy union of two hearts.

Although, impairments and illnesses are different, many of these challenges are similar. According to a recent study of 9,000 men and women in the British civil service, researchers were able to identify that the one commonality amongst all great relationships is a greater sense of well being. Thus, this video below is the most important one hour of your life.

You need to find time to focus on this video with 100% of your concentration, its only one hour long. Although the subject seems gloomy, the information is actually very bright. Nowhere in the world is all this information assembled in one place. Once you start – you won’t be able to stop watching.

Watch and see how by following Dr. Greger’s (Ph.D) advice, you can improve your mood, weight, sleep, testosterone levels, odor, sex, depression, headaches and fight the leading causes of death. Practicing Dr. Greger's advice will positively affects your relationship and all aspects of your life. Share this with your significant other, or better yet, watch it together over a glass of wine tonight. You need to know all of this yourself and your kids (and all those you love).