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Top 10: Fascinating Facts About Achieving Happiness

by on Jun 12, 2013



Relationship advice in this country sells like hotcakes because most of us assume that the amount of love we feel is dictated by the state of our relationships. However, just like happiness, love is not state-dependent. Love is a feeling that can be, according to Shimoff, experienced no matter what your life looks like or who is in it; “There is an inner state of love that can be felt no matter what is happening around you.”

When you can experience this inner state of gratitude, you have a better chance of finding and sustaining a healthy relationship. “When we are feeling more internal love, then we bring it to our relationships... If you want a love-filled relationship, there has to be a love-filled you first!” Shimoff declares.

Knowing this, it’s fair to say that Oliver Wendell Holmes was, in a way, correct— love does unlock happiness. However, the opposite is also true; happiness unlocks love. When you practice Shimoff’s 25 habits of happiness, you set yourself up for a loving, healthy relationship! It's an amazing book. Get it today!

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