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Top 10: Fascinating Facts About Achieving Happiness

by on Jun 12, 2013



It doesn’t matter how much money you make, whether or not you have a happy marriage or a healthy relationship with your family, your overall level of happiness, according to research, is set at a certain mark on the scale.

“When you think something will make you happier... while it may make you happier for a short while, within a short period of time, you will return to your original happiness set point. Research done by Daniel Gilbert of Harvard University has showed us that we become quickly acclimated...” explains Shimoff.

Happiness is about connecting with the Spirit. Shimoff claims that the number one predictor for a high happiness set point is a connection to the deeper energy of life. Whether you believe in God, a loving energy or some form of universal intelligence, it’s important to find a way to feel a bond with your soul and the natural, greater energy that you believe fuels it.

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