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Top 3 Killers of Intimacy: And Its Not What You Think

by on Aug 07, 2013

What Kills Intimacy?

For over 25 years, Toni Coleman, a licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert, who has been working with dating singles and committed couples with relationship issues, has identified the top 3 killers of intimacy and practical remedies that save relationships.



The loss of passion or interest can happen over time, when couples are not paying attention to all the signs and they:

  1. Stop trying to really connect with the other person
  2. Focus on their own needs
  3. Drift apart
  4. No longer getting their needs met sexually or in an intimate sense
  5. Sex begins to feel like work, a duty or a way to hold on to the relationship

“These signs can appear due to stress in their lives, something they are going through, and they are only thinking about where they are and not working toward building that bridge to stay connected. Eventually the relationship itself is going to go”, relationship expert Dr. Toni Coleman adds.

To help resolve these relationship issues, relationship expert Dr. Toni Coleman adds: “There are a few guidelines that I would find useful and one would be: make time together for a conversation.

For most couples it is extremely difficult to communicate and set up the time without destructions. If you find yourself with:

  1. Outside interference
  2. Time constraints due to kids
  3. Jobs with completely different hours
  4. The living situation where its hard to get privacy, hand-held device, texting

“Realize that everything has to be shut down so you can focus on one another. Have each other’s attention and be open to trying new things. Talk about where you are at, why you think its not working and be open to try some things differently.” – Dr. Coleman adds.

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