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Top 3 Secrets Women Won’t Tell You About, Recent Study

by on Mar 21, 2014

Top 3 Secrets Women Won’t Tell You, Recent Study

Men and women have long suspected that our brains are wired a bit differently. Now numerous scientific studies are starting to back up this notion: women have three profound differences that may positively impact men’s lives, if not ignored. Here are the top 3 secrets women won't tell you about.



Anxiety cranks up activity in women's brains, according to the Michigan State University scientists who conducted the study. "Anxious women’s brains have to work harder to perform tasks because they have distracting thoughts and worries," said Jason Moser, a Michigan State psychologist and the lead author of the study. "As a result their brains are being kind of burned out by thinking so much, which might set them up for difficulties during the tasks compared with their chill counterparts."

This study concludes that men characteristically respond to stressors through their "fight-or-flight" response, while women characteristically respond with their "tend-and-befriend" response.

This explains why historically, men deal with stress factors (such as winning her back) by either overpowering it or fleeing from it. Women, on the other hand, deal with heightened stressful environment by nurturing or interacting, such as nurturing children or interacting in social groups.

Top 3 Secrets Women Won’t Tell You About