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Top 6: Things a Happy Marriage Can’t Live Without

by on Apr 01, 2014



Whether he is using the Prepare/Enrich marriage preparation course or one of the other numerous coaching programs in which he is qualified, Dettman always emphasizes the importance of having fun while learning. The topics covered in his coaching sessions, such as financial management, can be stressful, and Dettman wants to ease that stress for the couple as much as he can by incorporating playfulness.

It’s important that all couples constantly try to eliminate unnecessary martial stress on a daily basis. Dettman emphasizes having fun when trying to connect during the happier times. He tells couples to focus on infusing love and enjoyment in the little moments; “It’s not the big gift. It’s not the big celebration. It’s the small things that your partner will know came from your heart... A Post It note stuck on the mirror... A Hershey’s kiss on a plate before dinner.”

Chuck and his wife, who is also his counseling partner, are experts at finding the areas within a marriage that need the most work. They mentor couples on the tools needed to understand each other’s needs and fulfill those needs accordingly. Check out how Top Relationship Experts: Discussing Sex and Romance. Know of more things a Happy Marriage Can’t Live Without? Let’s discuss them in the comments section below.

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