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Top 7 Relationship Questions to Ask a Relationship Expert

by on Apr 28, 2015




Dr. Diana explained: "I am very excited about that. There are very specific things you can do to really stay in passionate, lasting love. Brain fMRI scan studies show that couples of 25 years can be madly, passionate in love with each other and there are ways to do that. And that is what I write about in the book “Sealing the Deal: The Love Mentor's Guide to Lasting Love (Your Coach in a Box)”.

Dr. Diana also has love mentors, or love coaches and all of them have the minimum of master’s degree in this discipline and many years of experience, who are also in loving, passionate relationships – they are incredible and they do coaching by phone or skype all over the world. "We are able to offer 40 minute free one on one love coaching session to anyone in the world. There is nothing like having a love coach" added Dr. Diana, a relationship expert.

The big reason Dr. Diana has the kind of marriage she does, besides the fact that she don’t take it for granted – is that she has a mentor, a love coach. It's hard to:

Do it by yourself Get outside yourself
Get yourself going to get hope Feel good enough Let love in, especially after you’ve been hurt

For a lot of women in particular – it is important to have someone who is kind of practical god mother. "A practical godmother knows how to help you when you feel pretty bad and you just don’t know what to do." Dr. Diana added. All you need to do is fill out the form and get a free love coaching session.

One of the popular exercises is what Diana Kirschner called – Queen Latifah – her original name was Elaine Owens - Latifah means “kind” and she took inspiration from the name.

"A great exercise is to close your eyes, and remember the time when you felt really beautiful, lovable, empowered, real and successful. With this simple exercise you will feel more empowered, positive and revived." concluded Dr. Diana, a relationship expert.

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