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Top 7: Valentine's Date Ideas You Can't Go Wrong With

by on Oct 27, 2013



Visit a local museum & find the piece of art that stands as a visual representation of your feelings for each other. When you can get out of your thoughts and step into your heart, you set the stage for love. If you and your date are visual people then the perfect way to start your Valentine's date it to mosey through a local museum and let the art around you provoke, tease and captivate your emotions. Find a famous poem or write original prose that complements the art.

For extra credit: Fly your sweetheart first class to Europe to see what is arguably the most romantic painting ever made. Klimt’s The Kiss is on public display at the Austrian Gallery Belvedere in Vienna. Stay at the luxurious Hotel Sacher Wien. You can also rent part of the gallery and tell a story from the day you met with the images of your relationship.

Valentine's Date Ideas