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Top Relationship Experts: Discussing Romance

by on Nov 11, 2013

Relationship Expert: Discussing the Romance

Toni Coleman is a licensed psychotherapist and relationship expert. She has been working with dating singles and committed couples with relationship issues. As a therapist, she found that a lot of people came for counseling with depression or struggling with relationship issues and relationship problems, so she was inspired to get the training to become a relationship expert. Today, most of her work is relationship coaching and relationship issues.

In this interview, Dr. Toni Coleman, a guest relationship expert, discusses romance and relationship issues couples are struggling with today, followed by helpful remedies for each.



“When I think of romance I think of an idealized love. It’s often characterized as a relationship that is sentimental, mysterious, unpredictable, exciting, that has a kind of very chemical feeling to it, there an intensity to it that leaves people feeling as something very unique and very special. Not that kind of quite love you have later on - it’s almost like a new love, that would be what I would call Romance in a relationship” says relationship expert Dr. Toni Coleman.

“Many people believe that romance being very idealized and exciting kind of experience has a short duration because of its nature. But I do think that romance is something that can be sustained throughout a relationship, and romance is not something that just happens at the beginning, as some people believe.

If there is attention to one another, good communication (and both members of a couple tune in into each other’s needs) – the romance can be sustained”, relationship expert Dr. Coleman continued.