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What Is It Exactly About Cuddling Women Find So Important?

by on Apr 10, 2013

Why Women Love Cuddling

There are a lot of things men do not understand about women, and one of them is why women love cuddling so much. Men seem to completely ignore the necessity of cuddling because it is not important to them. So we are going to show you exactly why cuddling should be a common practice in your love life.



Most men don’t seem to understand why women love to cuddle. But did you know that there’s a scientific reason behind the cuddling urge in women? The act of cuddling releases the “cuddling hormone”, which is scientifically known as oxytocin. Such hormone is also responsible for the urge for closeness and intimacy, otherwise known as “pair bonding”. Simply put, oxytocin help creates a bond between partners. Since women have already shared themselves in the form of sex, they tend to be emotionally attached with their partner. Because of this intense attachment, they become more intimate which is also why they love discussing about their relationship after sex. Thus, women feel the urge to be cuddled.



Unfortunately, men would rather like to sleep, smoke, eat or drink after having sex. Science explains that the hormone called prolactin is responsible for such after-sex behavior in men. When men have their orgasm, they tend to release many different brain chemicals including the hormone prolactin. This hormone, unfortunately, is strongly associated to sleep and hence causes a yearning for sleep in men. This also indicates the need for men to recover and so they could start to have sex again. Surprisingly, women don’t often require such “time-out” period to rejuvenate after reaching an orgasm.



Making love for women is definitely a way to show their absolute physical and emotional attachment toward their partner. Such connection enables you to enjoy the many benefits of cuddling. When oxytocin is released along with many other feel-good hormones, it will make you feel happy and less stressed. In fact, a study conducted by the Berman Center for Women’s Health in Chicago in 2006 concluded that partners who mutually enjoy non-sexual physical affection tend to be happier and more satisfied with their relationships. While you may have a hard time expressing your feelings with your girl, a little effort can make her feel more loved and hence making a happier relationship. On the contrary, a lot of relationships don’t prosper because of such mismatched after-sex preferences.



For men, cuddling is not as easy as it looks. For someone who’s not into this kind of physical affection, the following “cuddling moves” might just make your girl the happiest partner. In order for your relationship to prosper, everything has to do with intimacy. Foremost, having a woman in your arms is a great thing. If embracing her is more of an ordinary thing, there are many other cuddling moves that you can employ. Kissing the forehead, stroking the hair, making eye contact, massaging the body, touching her face and intertwining your fingers with hers are great ways to show your love and affection.

Cuddle as much as you can if you would like to feel closely connected to your partner. It’s not all about an after-sex desire. Act spontaneously by cuddling any time of the day.