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Top 6 Bedroom Boredom Remedies She Will Love

by on Oct 27, 2013

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Have you felt lately that your sex life resembles a rerun? Do you notice your girl sneaking a sideways glance at the clock during the act, from time to time? If you answered yes, it sounds like you need to add a little spice-up to your regular sex routine.

Top 6 Bedroom Boredom Remedies She Will Love

Women long for variety and creativity when it comes to lovemaking, however they are not so likely to voice these desires for fear of coming off like a “freak”. However, if the man comes forward and takes the responsibility for suggesting things that may be considered more risqué, most women will eagerly agree to at least try them. Since they didn’t initiate it, but rather merely agreed to be a participant; they shouldn’t be ashamed should they?

So if you are ready to make turn your bedroom from a graveyard to a playground, why don’t you surprise your lady with some of these kinky little games:



You may have heard the saying “all the world’s a stage”: well this includes the bedroom. Nothing adds racy fun like some sexy role-playing. Don’t be afraid to ask her if she has any favorite uniform fetishes, and then actually go and buy them. Also encourage her to fulfill your particular dress-up fantasies; for instance have her be the naughty nurse who has to give you your bed bath…



Without getting into the hardcore stuff that borders on torture, you and your partner may find it exciting to try a little bit of S+M. Let her be your “master”; tie you up, cuff you, spank your bottom, whatever turns her on and who knows? You may just find out it excites you more than you expected and pleases your lady to boot.



You know you do it, in the shower etc. so why not let her in on the fun? Watching a guy get himself off is a turn-on for most women because it expresses his comfort with his own body and sexuality. By watching you “handle things” she can even pick up a few pointers in the process and put them into practice when she touches you.



Not everyone is comfortable with the concept of anal sex, however many couples include it in their sex lives enjoy it. It should be initiated gently, to get used to the idea, with plenty of kissing, touching and loving moves. If both partners find it pleasing, it can become an alternative for traditional sex.



Men love it when their women put on sexy stripper or pole dancing routines and such for them, so why wouldn’t the reverse be true as well? You don’t have to be a Chippendale to tease your woman with a hot and naughty little dance routine.



Kids play with toys so why can’t adults? Take your lady shopping for some “pleasure-enhancing” devices to explore this playful possibility. Selecting such items as oils, vibrators and probes together can be fun and ensure that you are both comfortable with the idea of it.

Not all women will be cool with every idea discussed here, but chances are at least one or two just might help rekindle the fire between your sheets so it is worth making the suggestion to your lady. Let the games begin!

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