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Surviving The Holidays with In-Laws - A Guide For Loving Partners

by on Nov 16, 2012



No matter how polite and accommodating you are, sometimes there’s still one cranky in-law who makes a point of getting under your skin. We have all known a sister-in-law who brags that her husband makes more money than yours, a father-in-law who continuously reminds of how much he liked “that other young man” you dated, or a mother-in-law who complains that the turkey is too dry before even tasting it. Ignore them. Don’t become offended and defensively reply to such remarks. That’s asking for drama. Simply state that no amount of money can make the two of you any happier together, how lucky you are to have won your partner’s heart over “that other guy”, and pass Mom the gravy.



All of this compromise and self-restraint is bound to get you at some point. If the trash-talking dinner table is too much to bear, excuse yourself and your sweetheart to make a run to the store for more wine. Never-mind the case of Chablis in the garage, take a ride down to the liquor store to cool off and bring back a bottle of Merlot. If your in-laws are from out-of-town and have planned an extended stay in your home, plan an “important meeting” that will take you and your loved one away from the congregation for a few hours. Meet up with your friends at the bowling alley or go for a walk in the park just the two of you. It’s still a meeting, right?