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by on Mar 21, 2014

For couples, watching political debates or presidential elections might be an opportunity to spend quality time together and enjoy a glass of wine, candles and cheese, but for relationships on the opposite sides of political spectrum - not quite so much.

by on Mar 21, 2014

Men and women have long suspected that our brains are wired a bit differently. Now numerous scientific studies are starting to back up this notion: women have three profound differences that may positively impact men’s lives, if not ignored. Here are the top 3 secrets women won't tell you about.

by on Mar 08, 2014

Everyone knows that part of building and maintaining the perfect loving relationship is knowing how to romance your partner. Though techniques may vary from couple to couple, by gender and by individual personality, the bottom line is: you have to know how to romance your lover if you want to keep a long and fulfilling love relationship. Many relationship experts offer great advice about how to romance your partner. We’ve compiled some of the best ideas from relationship experts to bring you this couples guide on how to romance one another.

by on Mar 06, 2014

Certified life coach and author Quentin McCall discusses nagging and how to effectively communicate to ask for what you want. In his Knowledge 4 Life coaching program, McCall helps individuals grow emotionally, financially, spiritually and within their relationships.

by on Mar 03, 2014

Anyone who is dating, has indulged in a love affair, been engaged, married, or even just had a crush has had to ask themselves these relationship questions at some point. In fact, you can’t pursue, establish, build, grow or maintain a healthy loving and intimate partnership without asking your loved one, or yourself, a few fate determining relationship questions that define the essence of your love.

by on Jan 17, 2014

"Happy Love Matters. I say this because when we create the right kind of love, we can change the children's view of the world around them. We can get them to do things they don't think they can do."

by on Dec 11, 2013

You think your relationship is prefect, don’t you? Perhaps. Statistically, the majority of relationships are – mediocre. Spending your life in a mediocre relationship is very easy, eventually dragging it into a state of comfortably numb. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

by on Nov 22, 2013

With over 2 million iPhone apps and growing, it is becoming hard to find the best iPhone apps that deserve the already limits real-estate on your iPhone's home screen. We've sorted top 10 Best iPhone apps of 2013 to make your life easier and more fulfilling.

by on Nov 19, 2013

When life gives you a lemon, follow these 23 things to do when you are sad.

by on Nov 17, 2013

You might ask: What exactly is “A New Years Resolution”? Most people would say: It’s a “to-do” list for the first week of January. And that’s true: between 40-45% of American adults make a resolution each year. Of these resolutions, 25% are broken within the first week, 35% are broken within one month, and over half of the resolutions are broken within 6 months. But this year, do not make it so easy to disappoint yourself and your sweetheart. Here are the top 12 highly achievable resolutions that'll make you smile.