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How It Works

by David on Nov 13, 2012

There is time for work. And time for love. Which leaves no time for love. - Coco Channel

In a time-pressed and digitally connected world, Lovendar aims at improving committed relationships in a fulfilling and rewarding way.

Lovendar is tackling a really large problem in a really large market in a really unique way. It rewards its users for staying in love.

By profiling user's interests and passion points for the exclusive use of it's respective partner, Lovendar generates a customized stream full of romantic plans, tips, advice and things to do accordingly and reminds both partners to make time for them, even when their schedules are full!

In addition, the service provides a secure cloud-based romantic photo album and journal to store a lifetime of relationship memories, and a convenient suite of affiliate retailers and service providers to fulfill every romantic plan imaginable.

The same way you use technology to be more effective and productive at work, use Lovendar technology to help you be more disciplined and successful in your personal life as well!

Let the Lovendar do the work, just follow through!

Make Time for Love!