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Having Sex Just Two Times Per Week Can Add 6 Years to Your Life, study claims.

by on May 07, 2013

Too much sex is not good enough?

Having sex as little as twice a week can extend life, research found. If knowing that regular sex increases the average life expectancy of men and women by about 6 years didn't come as a surprise, then rethink it. A lot of couples really enjoy the process of having sex once the process has started. But to make the time and to be in the mood remains challenge for most. Since all it takes to reap the rewards from sex is "slight breathlessness", hopefully this new study will make more couples proactive about making the time time and boosting sex frequency.


Too much might not be good enough. You can get the benefits from having sex by breaking the sweat – just enough to cause slight breathlessness study claims. “Our findings solidify the answer to the questions of whether having sex has health benefits,” said Mr. Davidson, PhD, who led the Copenhagen City Heart study of nearly 3,000 people.

“It is certain that you do not need to do it too much to have the benefits,” said Davidson.

Having sex twice a week has multiple health benefits:



Having sex at least twice a week has been linked to lowering of blood pressure and overall stress reduction, according to researchers from Scotland who reported their findings in the journal Biological Psychology. Frequent intercourse was also associated with lower diastolic blood pressure in cohabiting participants.

For women, having sex reduces pain by blocking the release of neuropeptide labeled as Substance P, which is a pain transmitter. Cindi Meston and David Buss specify 237 different reason as to the benefits of having sex, one of which is “to cure a headache”.